The Diploma in Electrical Technology is a three (3) year pre-service diploma program that is a modernized and integrated system of technical learning that combines trade related theory, hands-on laboratory activities, and industry-based experiences (in-plant training).  

In response to the increasing demand for medium and high level electro-technological man power of the country’s technical industry, this program is designed to produce a new breed of competent technicians and or electricians armored with authentic human and Christian values and equipped with relevant occupational skills and knowledge necessary for the development of this country and gaining employments as highly motivated electrical technicians or supervisors.  

The program aims to provide the skills and knowledge relevant to many vocations within the broad fields of the trade rather than those of a particular industry or sector of industry.  This gives a wider opportunity for the graduates to find a place in the workforce. The program through its Entrepreneurship elective unit gives that option for the graduates to venture into their own small business using the knowledge and skills learned. Using this diploma program as a foundation, graduates may decide to pursue further studies related to their trade specialization.


Students of the Diploma in Electrical Technology are required to complete a minimum of eighty units of study. This excludes the extra credits gained by taking the elective units. By covering the required number of units in every year level a semester, it would take participants two years to complete the program. Elective units are offered in Workshop / Laboratory Management and Entrepreneurship.
In addition to the intensive training to mould a true Bosconian, In-Plant Training (IPT) is included in the Diploma Program. This is to give the students a firsthand experience in the world of actual work by being indentured in the different companies around the National Capital District. On a case-to-case basis, students are allowed to go for their IPT outside of Port Moresby especially if they need to do their industry experience in their sponsoring companies.