Successfully graduating Bachelor Degree in Metal Fabrication and Welding Technology students will become Skilled Workers in the Metal Fabrication and Welding technology heading towards managerial and supervisory positions.

Skills learned will evolve in welding- and fabrication techniques. Knowledge in specialized welding techniques like MIG and TIG will be acquired. Basic lathe and milling machine operations and basics in AutoCAD will be learned. Management and leadership skills will be acquired.


Students of the Bachelor in Metal Fabrication and Welding Technology are required to complete a minimum of one hundred seventy-six units of study. The minimum number refers to
DBTI Program Specification Document of Metal Fabrication and Welding Technology 9
the compulsory units and excludes the units that can be earned by taking the elective units. By covering the required units in every year level a semester, it would take participants four years to complete the program.
In addition to the intensive training to mould a true Bosconian, In-Plant Training (IPT) is included in the Bachelor Program. It is composed of two (2) weeks of industrial visit during their second year and sixteen weeks (8 weeks each during their 3rd and 4th Years) of industry experience. This is to give the students a firsthand experience in the world of actual work by being indentured in the different companies around the National Capital District. On a case-to-case basis, students are allowed to go for their IPT outside of Port Moresby especially if they need to do their industry experience in their sponsoring companies.