Don Bosco Technological Institute enrolled a maximum of 500 students each year. Its population this year has gone up to 787 students due to the introduction of two additional technologies, INSTRUMENTATION and METAL FABRICATION AND WELDING Technology last year. The year level with the highest number of students are the year two (2).

The Institution welcomes any person regardless of race, creed, color, sex and age, who respects and shares its vision, practices and traditions. Female students are taking part in the journey of the upbringing of the country. Women in technical interests are well trained guided in order for them to be in the technical workforce of the country. Not only that, they are trained to be good educators and honest citizens as well according to the founding father St. John Bosco.

There are seven (7) technologies (department) in the institution. Among the seven (7) technologies, each have first years, second years, third years and the fourth years which are the most senior in the institution. Here are the name list of each year level grouped according to their technologies.