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DBTI believes that the quality of life on a campus within the classroom and beyond is an important factor in the integral development of the students. It encourages interaction and group experience, not only among the students themselves, but also with the teachers, administrators and all those who make up DBTI’s Educative Pastoral Community.

To effectively achieve the development of the students’ total personality, DBTI provides the following services to its students:



Through the offices of the Principal and the Guidance and Testing Officer, students are always welcome. The Guidance team offers students counselling on educational, vocational and personal problems for the purpose of helping them make social and personal adjustments, career choices and decisions, and at the same time cope with their academic, spiritual and emotional needs.


Aware of the value of Sports and Recreation in the integral formation of the young, DBTI provides the students the following facilities: a gymnasium, a multi-purpose hall, a soccer/rugby field, a basketball court, a covered court for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, a music room and a recreational hall.


The role of Youth Ministry at DBTI is to make opportunities for growth in the Christian life and in the Bosconian spirituality available for all students. The yearly Pastoral Plan is directly under the Office of the Head of Students Affairs. Accordingly, regular assembly of students with morning prayers and good day talks, school and class Masses, retreats and recollections, confessions and other religious activities are organized and scheduled for the students.


Believing in the missionary principle that one cannot teach higher things to an empty stomach, there is a CANTEEN that caters for both the boarders and day students.


Students can also avail of health services offered in the school clinic manned by a registered nurse. Moreover, all DBTI students are insured for on-campus and off-campus accidents (24 hrs.) with the National Teachers Insurance Limited. The insurance policy also includes medical benefits but only to a limited extent.


DBTI has always emphasized the important role of Youth Groups and the Student Representative Council in forming students to be servant-leaders. Through the SRC and the different religious and interest clubs, students are provided an opportunity for developing initiative and sense of responsibility, for sharpening skills and talents which cannot be conveniently achieved in the classroom situation, and for contributing in the transformation of society through organized community service activities.


DBTI provides on-campus boarding facilities for male and female students. The male boarding houses which are adjacent to the Mary Help of Christians’ Shrine can accommodate 174 boarders as bed-spacers. And the newly inaugurated Mary Our Help Ladies Dormitory situated within the perimeter of the house of the Salesian Sisters can accommodate 150 students as bed-spacers. Preference in the admission of boarders is given to students coming from the provinces.

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