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This year 2017 calls us to new challenges because Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) is moving to a different level. Our movement necessitates that we do our tasks well. We are under the scrutiny of external observers in particular, the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) and our benefactors. We are expected to showcase why it is that prompted us to severe our ties with Divine Word University (DWU). Because we are a standalone institute of higher learning.

For you students, it means high performance and commitment in everything you do inside and outside the classroom.

For you staff, I expect some effort to up-skill yourselves in your expertise particularly in the teaching component. I also require that your teaching is up to par in the highest esteem of a good educational institution.

One of the pillars of DBTI is a holistic education system. I would expect our education endeavour to uphold the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical components of the person.

To you parents and benefactors, DBTI continues to appreciate your interest and assistance in our endeavours. We will continue to request that particularly for the coming developments of this institution, work with us in our strengths, weaknesses and our challenges. May the prayer and dream of Don Bosco continue in all our lives and in all our endeavours.

God bless you all.



Dr. Catherine Nongkas

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