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buses1It was a fine Wednesday morning of February 18, 2015 when Fr. Louie Castañeda, SDB, Rector of DBTI, announced to the morning assembly of students and staff that the two vans parked outside the gymnasium were donated as school buses mainly for the day students who are encountering difficulty in traveling to and from the school. This endeavour was made possible through the efforts of Br. Wanner Reto, SDB, who seek the Salesian Mission Procure, Switzerland to find donors.




Through the Salesian Mission Procure, Switzerland, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Papua New Guinea is very grateful to:

Logo JugendhilfeWeltweit

Don Bosco Jugendhilfe Weltweit, Switzerland


in collaboration with

Leopold Bachmann Foundation


for providing funds in acquiring two Toyota HIACE vans. The yellow van is a 2013 16-sitter model and the silver one is a brand new 2015 15-sitter model.




br. retoBr. Reto Wanner, SDB used to be a mechanical instructor in DBTI from 2001 – 2004. He was a volunteer worker then and not a Salesian yet. He went back home to Switzerland to work as an engineer. He then felt his calling and seek the Salesian congregation to study and serve. Because of his desire to be a missionary in PNG, he was offered to come back here to serve the youth again until December 2016. Currently, he is improving the Maintenance Fitting and Machining Technology (MFM) area of DBTI. He is aiming a cross-servicing between MFM and MVT (Motor Vehicle Technology) but is also willing to help other organizations or communities that involve the youth in any way he can.





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