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Don Bosco Technological Institute, East Boroko does apostolic mission among the Tertiary Papua New Guinean students. With both academic and technical curricula offered at the institute, the students are formed to be competent technical/vocational

teachers and skilled workers filled with Catholic character formation. The Salesians of Don Bosco assists the youth with the charism and spirituality of St. John Bosco, the Father and Teacher of Youth. 


The institute accepts both male and female students selected by the Office of Higher Education to be either day or boarding students. A Salesian priest is in-charge of the male boarding students while the Salesian Sisters (FMA) is in-charge of the female boarders. These students may be under HECAS, corporate sponsorship and self-sponsored.


The institute has Computer Technology, Maintenance Fitting and Machining Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology and Motor Vehicle Mechanics Technology. As an affiliate tertiary institution of the Divine Word University, the students can take Diploma or Bachelor Program. The Bachelor students will take their technology as their major subject and will take English or Mathematics as their minor subject. Part of the curriculum for the diploma program is the In-Plant Training 1 and 2 for eight (8) weeks and Practice Teaching 1 and 2 for six (6) weeks for the Bachelor’s program. As they do technical immersion, they will be knowledgeable and skillful in the practice of their career. With the practice teaching in any secondary, national, technical or vocational schools they will observe and practice being teachers in their own right.


Throughout their stay for the Diploma program (two years) and Bachelor program (four years), their campus life is enriched with Salesian spirit. Don Bosco’s Preventive system of education instills among the young the spirituality of joy, optimism, love and pastoral charity. These are evident in organized activities like Leadership camp, Salesian Youth Movement camp, Marian Camp, Sports Festival, Family Day, Provincial Day (cultural day of their province), debate, Quiz Bee, Trade skills Olympics, seminars for students, Station of the Cross during Lenten season and international/national events (e.g. International Women’s Day, National Creativity and Innovation Day) which the school also celebrate. The classes have the annual retreat/recollection for spiritual enrichment together with some campus and religious clubs. Don Bosco once said “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” hence, they may join in Savio club, Juventus club, Knights/Dame of the Altar, Writers Club, Photography Club, Music Club, Social Action Club, Sports Club, Creative Arts Club and other clubs organized by the school.


The students and staff assemble in the gymnasium every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the morning assemblies. Here the reminders are given especially the good morning talk. Resource speaker (staff/invited guest) will share an inspiring story, video, music and message that will capture their hearts. These messages are instilled in the minds and hearts of the young for them to become good Christians and honest citizens of the country. In the afternoon, the male boarders have a Rosary and end with a Salesian priest’s good night talk. The talk has been rooted from the time of Don Bosco when he will leave good message before they sleep. The running of male and female boarding schedule like the Rosary is separated. Bosconians believe that Mother Mary called them to be part of DBTI. Don Bosco himself had great reverence and devotion to Mary Help of Christians. Don Bosco once said, “Trust in Mary, and you will see what miracles are.”


One of the many activities is the community service of the students. During the Salesian Youth Movement camp, the school will invite resource speakers to talk on any relevant topic depending upon the theme. After the socialization of the students by team, they will do outreach program to the community. The students will visit Cheshire Home (for the less privileged citizens), sick people in Port Moresby General Hospital, Bomana prison cell and orphanage in Gerehu Stage 6 to render services to the community. These generosity and voluntarism on the part of the students to reach out to the communities are manifestations of their Salesian loving-kindness. The students have strong faith and conviction to the teachings of Don Bosco as he said, “Da mihi animas, cetera tolle” (Give me souls, take away the rest) All these academic, technical, extra-curricular activities and outreach programs will help form “competence and character” among the Bosconians.


In the last two years, there was much improvement in the running of the institute. The Sports and Music has been a part of the curriculum. In here all students learn Taekwondo, the art of self-defense and music. Great Taekwondo athletes in this sport sometimes would come over to the school and witness the students’ competitions as part of the Sports Fest. Some indoor sporting activities (i.e. basketball, table soccer, dart, chess) are held in the newly constructed and equipped gymnasium together with the outdoor soccer field and basketball court in front of the administration building. Apart from the students using the gymnasium, the Savio Haus Aspirante assists children from the Vada Vada community every Sunday to do the Oratory. These students aspiring to be Salesian priests stay in the Savio Haus while schooling and preparing themselves for the vocation. The gymnasium with the new toilet for men and women can be rented by outsiders who wish to play basketball or corporate which intends to hold a function for their company. All liturgical celebrations are held in the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians while the whole student body’s organized activities and functions are mainly conducted in the gymnasium. The Guidance and Counselling Office was also put up a year ago to better assist students regarding their career paths and also regarding academic advising .


As the school is continuing to improve its facilities and curriculum for the welfare of the students, the administration is also supportive of the on-going formations and in-services of the staff. The old Multi-purpose hall was converted to E-library where students can do more research work. Since last year, some teachers have been using the MOODLE approach in teaching. While working hand in hand with Divine Word University, they at times would send personnel for the in-services of DBTI staff. These are just proofs that DBTI is true to its vision and mission of supporting on-going formation of the staff for the good of their students.


The students themselves are also given formations apart from the CLE courses they take. During the activity hour, the school led by the Spiritual Moderator and the Students Services Coordinator would invite resource speakers to talk to the whole student body on issues affecting them. Topics on family, society, culture, working relationships, grooming/hygiene, dangers of illegal substances, safety in the workforce, violence against women and other relevant issues are communicated to them during the activity hour. Indeed DBTI focuses on the holistic formation of the students.


With the presence of the Salesian priests and sisters and Savio Haus Aspirante, the students also are welcomed to the Catholic faith. The school, regardless of Christian denominations, caters for all students of various backgrounds and cultures. Those who wish to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion can meet with any of the above mentioned staff and express their intention. Being a tertiary Catholic school, the door is wide open for those who wish to enter the religious life as Salesian priests and sisters may help and guide them on their journey in life. As a whole, the Salesian Spirit among the young is alive in DBTI!

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