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pastpupil-logoPRIMARY PURPOSE:

To provide a forum through which the DBTI Past Pupils in various professions or industries can discuss matters and pursue projects of common interests and benefits to serve as a medium through which the DBTI Past Pupils can make their presence felt in the business community and be the vehicle through which the Bosconian professionals can exercise social and community leadership and participate in national development of Papua New Guinea.



  1. To promote mutual understanding and cooperation among its members;
  2. To promote and maintain high professional and ethical standards among its members in dealing among themselves as well as with the public and to adopt rules and regulations and/or institute measures relative and necessary there to;
  3. To give or render aid and advice to any of its members;
  4. To cooperate and/or coordinate with similar organizations as well as with government agencies for the successful and effective accomplishment of the association’s objectives;
  5. To study the implications of any existing and proposed legislation on the various fields and professions in which its members are engaged in and to take appropriate actions relative thereto;
  6. To raise funds and to accept donations and requests for any or all of the purposes of the corporation; and
  7. To make donations to other organizations as may be deemed appropriate by the association.



Message from the DBTI Alumni Association President

J. Oko

Mr. Jerome Oko
Batch 2006



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