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The Founder – St. John Bosco (1815-1888) and his Pedagogy


St. John Bosco was an outstanding educator who spanned the last century. His ideas and theories have found acceptance in our century and are being taught and practiced in over a hundred nations. More than forty thousand dedicated religious men and women apply his educational method called the PREVENTIVE SYSTEM OF DON BOSCO.


The system meets the needs of the modern generation of young people who seek friendly understanding, and a kind of atmosphere where they can grow and mature. We find in St. John Bosco an understanding of genuine humanism – the best that is in man and woman; he endeavoured to bring out this best and raised it to a higher spiritual level. He died at seventy-two, and the cause was attributed to physical exhaustion and bodily deterioration, the result of having spent himself on behalf of the young – teaching, counselling, advancing the cause of moral values, organizing religious institutions to perpetuate his work, establishing schools at home (Italy) and abroad as vehicles for disseminating his REASON – RELIGION – KINDNESS theory of education.


The two religious orders of men (Salesians of Don Bosco) and women (Daughters of Mary Help of Christians) who followed Don Bosco’s footsteps continued his efforts to reach the hearts of the young in the hope of preparing a better society for tomorrow. His spiritual sons and daughters carried his message to every corner of the globe.


Salesian was the name given to his followers, after the gentle Bishop of Geneva, St. Francis de Sales. Don Bosco considered the spirit of St. Francis de Sales as best adapted to the times and suitable for the education and instruction of the young. He wanted his Salesians to be permeated with the spirit of gentleness, patience, and charity of this great saint. Don Bosco often repeated the words of St. Francis de Sales, “You can catch more flies with a teaspoon of honey than with a barrel of vinegar.” Thus, Don Bosco’s educational system developed as the product of his own great love for the youth in the spirit of kind understanding fostered by St. Francis de Sales.


The Preventive System of Don Bosco stems from the Gospel of Christ who is meekness and love. This method is based on the golden words of St. Paul when he extols the great virtue of charity. “Charity is patient, is kind. It bears all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.”


Excerpts from Fr. Paul Avallone, SDB


Educational Philosophy


The philosophy of education of Don Bosco Technological Institute is based on Christian principles of Divine Revelation concerning the nature and destiny of the human person.


DBTI believes that education should promote the harmonious and full development of the human person according to his God-given talents and faculties in order to attain the fullness of life for himself and for his fellowmen, and to share in divine life with God.


DBTI aims to form the person with respect to his ultimate goal and to the good of society of which he is a member and in whose responsibilities he will share.



Milestone in Don Bosco’s Life


1815 (16 August)   Don Bosco is born in Becchi (Asti)
1817 Young John loses his father at the age of two
1825 Young John sees his mission prefigured in a ‘dream’
1841 (5 June) Don Bosco is ordained priest in Turin
1853                                 Don Bosco opens the internal professional schools, found his first musical band and with the “Catholic Readings”, launches his first popular publications.
1854 (26 January) Calls his first helpers “Salesians”
1854 (2 October) Meets Dominic Savio
1856 (25 November) Mama Margaret dies
1857 (9 March) Dominic Savio dies
1858 First visit by Don Bosco to Rome and to the Pope.
1862 (14 May) The first 22 Salesians profess vows before Don Bosco.
1872 (5 August) The Institute of the FMA founded at Mornese.
1874 (3 April) The Holy See approves the Salesian Constitutions.
1875 (11 November) The first Salesian missionary expedition departs for the Americans.
1876 (9 May) The Holy See approves the Association of Salesian Co-operators.


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