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A Brief History of the Don Bosco Technological Institute

PNGmapThe Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI), located at Taurama Road, East Boroko, N.C.D., is a Catholic tertiary educational institution owned and administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco. It is committed to promote the integral development of its students to become upright citizens and good Christians. With its high level of competency and expertise, DBTI aims to contribute to nation building by providing skilled and competent workers and technician-educators for the industries and schools of Papua New Guinea. DBTI is affiliated with the Divine Word University in Madang and is an accredited training provider by the National Training Council. DBTI’s technical training curriculum fully complies with NATTB standards.


DBTI was conceived after a group of Catholic Bishops, in 1990, requested the Salesians of Don Bosco in Papua New Guinea to establish a college that will train local teachers for technical and vocational schools. In 1994, the Salesians decided to start the foundation and construction of a teachers’ college for technical teachers in PNG. It was originally named Don Bosco Technical Teachers’ College. In 1995, the first phase of the construction began. Through the enormous help of the European Union and other funding agencies in Europe, the new college blossomed into a complex of buildings, workshops and lecture rooms.


The college opened in 1999 with the acceptance of the first batch of students as college freshmen. The college was now called the Don Bosco Technological Institute. A total of 75 young men, mostly grade 12 school leavers from different secondary schools in the country comprised this pioneer group of students, who inaugurated the four-year degree program with specializations in Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Maintenance Fitting and Machining Technology, and Technical Drawing Technology.


With the entry of the second batch of students in 2000, two other technologies were added to the program, viz., Computer Technology and Motor Vehicle Technology. The following year, 2001, the college became a co-educational institution with the admission of the first group of female students. DBTI, as a matter of principle, welcomes into its community all persons regardless of race, creed, colour or sex, who want to share its vision and respect its purpose and practices.


Through participation in the Catholic Higher Education Association, the DBTI Administration entered into formal discussion with Divine Word University on matters of affiliation on 24 February 1998. On 13 April, 2000 a formal letter was sent to the Vice President for Academic requesting academic affiliation of the programs at Don Bosco Technological Institute with Divine Word University. The formal Accreditation Document was submitted on 22 February, 2003. Following the visit and the recommendations of the Academic Audit Team, the official signing of the Affiliation Memorandum of Agreement between DWU and DBTI took place on 1 August, 2003. This was followed by two other successful affiliation renewals, 2006 and 2011.


The year 2008 marks a valuable recognition by the Government of Papua New Guinea through the Commission for Higher Education in awarding TESAS scholarships to first year students in 2009. TESAS quota given to DBTI and students’ eligibility will determine the allocation of scholarships and these conditions are governed by the Office of Higher Education Students' Scholarships.

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