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Don Bosco Technological Institute’s Vision and Mission

missio-visionDon Bosco Technological Institute is a Catholic tertiary institution owned and administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco. The superior of the Society all over the world is the Rector Major, the successor of St. John Bosco and the father and center of unity of the Salesian family. The Don Bosco schools in Papua New Guinea belong to the North Philippine Province and are under the authority of the Provincial, who takes the place of the Rector Major in this area.

The Provincial, together with his council, has appointed a Delegate, approved by the Rector Major, to coordinate the Salesians and their different works in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. In DBTI, the head of the school is called the Rector, who is appointed by the Provincial with the consent of the Rector Major. (He is vested with final authority and responsibility in all matters affecting Salesians, teachers, staff and students.)

DBTI is affiliated to the Divine Word University in Madang. While maintaining its administrative autonomy, DBTI recognizes the authority of the President and other Academic officers of the DWU in accordance with the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement.

DBTI is under the supervision of the Office of Higher Education (OHE) and the Divine Word University (DWU) in the implementation of its diploma and degree courses. As a technical training provider, DBTI is under the authority of the National Training Council (NTC). For recognition and registration of its Bachelor of Education – Technology graduates, DBTI coordinates with the National Department of Education (NDoE) and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).

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Don Bosco Technological Institute’s Core Values



1. Servant Leadership


Passion for volunteerism and selflessness. Servant-leaders develop an innate capacity to come up with everyday ideas of serving others as responsible stewards, who use their God-given and acquired resources with prompt and joyful availability.


The members of the Educative Pastoral Community (EPC) of DBTI are animated in fulfilling their common mission with the commitment of serving others amid their daily duties. They are convinced that as they share their individual giftedness in charity and joy, whether as leaders or followers, they participate in the fulfilment of God’s plan as they model their lives on Jesus, Servant of the Father. With enthusiasm and industry, they pursue excellence, enhance productivity and exercise shared responsibility in DBTI’s growth.

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Saint John Bosco




don bosco


The Founder – St. John Bosco (1815-1888) and his Pedagogy


St. John Bosco was an outstanding educator who spanned the last century. His ideas and theories have found acceptance in our century and are being taught and practiced in over a hundred nations. More than forty thousand dedicated religious men and women apply his educational method called the PREVENTIVE SYSTEM OF DON BOSCO.

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The Salesians in Papua New Guinea


A Narrative History of the Salesian Presence in PNG


salesiansIn June 14, 1980, the first Salesians, headed by Fr. Valeriano Barbero together with Fr. Rolando Fernandez and Br. Joseph Kramar arrived in Araimiri upon the invitation of Archbishop Virgil Patrick Copas, MSC, DD to run the St. Peter’s Vocational School for non-selected students.


In 1981, Fr. Joseph Savina and Fr. Oscar Zamora arrived in Port Moresby upon the invitation of Archbishop Herman ToPaivu to do something for the non-selected boys of the National Capital District.


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A Brief History of the Don Bosco Technological Institute

PNGmapThe Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI), located at Taurama Road, East Boroko, N.C.D., is a Catholic tertiary educational institution owned and administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco. It is committed to promote the integral development of its students to become upright citizens and good Christians. With its high level of competency and expertise, DBTI aims to contribute to nation building by providing skilled and competent workers and technician-educators for the industries and schools of Papua New Guinea. DBTI is affiliated with the Divine Word University in Madang and is an accredited training provider by the National Training Council. DBTI’s technical training curriculum fully complies with NATTB standards.

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